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    • Mobile Learning in Nursing Practice Education: Applying Koole's FRAME Model 

      Kenny, Richard F.; Van Neste-Kenny, Jocelyne M.C.; Park, Caroline L.; Burton, Pamela A.; Meiers, Jan (2009-11-16)
      We report here on an exploratory formative evaluation of a project to integrate mobile learning into a Western Canadian college nursing program. Third-year students used Hewlett Packard iPAQ mobile devices for five weeks ...
    • New nursing graduates: A key factor in nursing supply 

      Park, Caroline L.; Hughes, Linda (Canadian Journal of Nursing Administration, 1997)
      The Canadian nursing education system is the most significant contributor to the country's supply of registered nurses. This article provides current data on the numbers of nursing graduates produced in each province ...
    • Relating nursing theory to students’ life experiences 

      Dowie, Sandra; Park, Caroline L. (Nurse Education Today, 1988)
      Nursing is a dynamic field involving an interaction between scientific research and human need. Theoretical discussions often involve a complex of issues which are difficult to explore adequately in a typical lecture. ...
    • Replicating the Use of a Cognitive Presence Measurement Tool 

      Park, Caroline L. (Journal of Interactive Online Learning, 2009)
      This paper is a report of the replication of a seminal study on cognitive presence in computer mediated conferencing (CMC) by Garrison, Anderson, and Archer (2001). A comparison of cognitive presence coding by three different ...
    • The Right Circumstances for Multidisciplinary Research 

      Park, Caroline L. (Nova Sciences Publishers, 2008)
    • What is the value of replicating other studies? 

      Park, Caroline L. (Evaluation Research, 2004)
      In response to a question on the value of replication in social science research, the author undertook a search of the literature for expert advise on the value of such an activity. Using the information gleaned and ...

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