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    • Libraries of the Future: An Australian Research Library Perspective 

      Kent, Philip (2013-03-06)
      Following the development of the University of Melbourne's new scholarly information strategy in 2008 the Library has been reinvigorated. The presentation will cover new Library initiatives to advance the university’s ...
    • Libraries Providing Learner Support: The Collaboration Connection 

      Fabbro, Elaine (University of Wisconsin Madison, 2007)
      Collaboration is an essential component in providing learner support in the distance learning environment. It can be found in many different guises in academe, and may involve faculty, staff and librarians. This paper ...
    • Libraries, OERs, and Open Access 

      Fabbro, Elaine; Elliott, Colin; Conroy, Rachel (2013-11-05)
      Athabasca University (AU) and Athabasca University Library have a long history in supporting and promoting Open Access. AU was the first university in Canada to adopt an Open Access Research Policy and has led many other ...
    • Library Catalogs, the World Wide Web, and Serving the Off-Campus User: Boon or Bust? 

      Furniss, Kevin A.; Kariel, Doug (Eighth Off-Campus Library Services Conference, 1998-04-22)
      The purpose of this paper is to outline some ways in which library catalogs can be enriched to meet the needs of the off-site searcher, and to suggest some ways in which an off-campus library services librarian can work ...
    • Making Sense of Complexity in Open Information Environments 

      Siemens, George (2011-10-27)
      In the pursuit of openness, the cognitive experience of the learners and educators are often overlooked. Open educational resources present fragmented views of topics: a TedTalk video here, an Open Yale lecture there, an ...
    • Managing and Learning in MOOCs (massive open online courses) 

      Siemens, George (2010-10-21)
      George Siemens, with Athabasca's Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute, is best known for his development of the pedagogical model of networked learning known as Connectivism. He and Steven Downes have pioneered ...
    • Maximizing library presence while minimizing online maintenance 

      MacIsaac, Peggy Lynn (2011-04-08)
      This paper presents challenges and opportunities for an academic library to increasing its presence in an online learning management system (LMS). Successful examples from Athabasca University, Canada’s Open University ...
    • Mobile access for workplace and language training 

      Ally, Mohamed; Woodburn, Tracey; Tin, Tony; Elliott, Colin (Facet, 2010)
    • Mobile design: interactive multimedia to support learning and teaching (Workshop) 

      Ally, Mohamed; Elliott, Colin; Schafer, Steve; Yang, Guangbing; Geng, Hongxing; Tin, Tony; Woodburn, Tracey (m-Libraries 2009, 2009)
      Aim of the workshop: The Athabasca University Library has developed many mobile friendly websites and features to help our students access resources. These include an autodetect feature which displays either mobile or ...
    • Mobile library: connecting mobile learners to the library in the digital age 

      Tin, Tony; Elliott, Colin; Kariel, Doug (Canada Library Association (CLA) Conference 2008, 2008)
      With the rapid evolution of technology today, distance education is about to shift to Mobile learning where e-learning materials are being delivered through mobile devices. Wireless and mobile technology provides flexibility ...
    • Mobile library: connecting new generations of learners to the library in the mobile age 

      Schafer, Steve; Tin, Tony; Elliott, Colin (m-Libraries 2009, 2009)
      Digital library services delivered through mobile devices can offer flexibility in terms of access and content, increased hands-on experience, and enhanced information and mobile literacy skills of learners. Athabasca ...
    • Much Open Online Content (mooc) 

      Schafer, Steve (2012-10-26)
      There have been transformations in libraries in at least three areas over the past number of years. First, in the area of service there is a transformation from users coming to the library to a model of the library reaching ...
    • Northern Alberta Library and Information Network (NORALINK): Challenges and Highlights of a Collaborative Initiative 

      Schafer, Steve (Seventh Off-Campus Library Services Conference, 1995-10-25)
      The concept of the Northern Alberta Library and Information Network (NORALINK)emerged in early 1992, initiated by Athabasca University Library. NORALINK was a response of the Library to two situations. First, a response ...
    • OER and Mobile Learning 

      McGreal, Rory (2012-10-25)
      Open Educational Resources (OER) constitute an important resource with the potential to facilitate the expansion of mobile learning worldwide. The flexibility, both technological and legal afforded by openly licensed ...
    • The OER university: A sustainable model for more affordable education futures 

      Mackintosh, Wayne (2012-10-26)
      Open education provides unprecedented opportunities for universities to provide more affordable access to post-secondary education for all students worldwide. OER is a sustainable and renewable resource. The OER university ...
    • OER's and Sustainable Innovation: Low Cost, Low Risk but High Impact 

      McGreal, Rory; Mackintosh, Wayne (2011-11-04)
      This session will include a description of the UNESCO Chair in OER network including an update on the mandate of the Chair and the developments so far. These include agreement on support for a network of UNESCO Chairs in ...
    • OERu: Blending more affordable education futures 

      Mackintosh, Wayne (2013-11-05)
      The OER university (OERu) is an international collaboration of universities, polytechnics and community colleges from five continents using open education approaches to provide more affordable education for all students ...
    • Open Access and Public Policy 

      Pannekoek, Frits (2012-10-26)
      Governments are becoming increasingly aware of the power of open access and the power of the new technologies to liberate and massify learning. Three reactions are worth pondering: those of the learning industries, those ...
    • Open Access Archives and Repositories 

      Schafer, Steve; Tin, Tony; Elliott, Colin (2009-10-23)
      Governments and research funding organizations are increasingly reluctant to fund research that is not widely distributed and affordable, creating the need for repositories through which scholars can legally distribute ...
    • Open access archives and repositories 

      Schafer, Steve; Tin, Tony; Elliott, Colin (Open Access Week 2009, 2009)
      Governments and research funding organizations are increasingly reluctant to fund research that is not widely distributed and affordable, creating the need for repositories through which scholars can legally distribute ...

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