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    • Multidisciplinary academic collaboration. 

      Kier, Cheryl A.; Park, Caroline L.; Jugdev, Kam (2013-09-13)
      Dr. Caroline Park (Centre for Nursing and Health Studies, Faculty of Health Disciplines), Dr. Cheryl Kier (Psychology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences) and and Dr. Kam Jugdev (Faculty of Business) have been ...
    • Multimedia in Open and Distance Learning 

      Fahy, Patrick J. (Indira Gandhi National Open University, 2005)
    • Multipoint Observations of the Large Substorm Associated with the Galaxy 15 Anomaly 

      Connors, Martin (2011-03-30)
      On April 5, 2010 around 09 UT, the NOAA Geosynchronous Operational Environmental Satellites (GOES) observed a large reconfiguration of the magnetospheric magnetic field in the midnight to dawn local time sector. Specifically, ...
    • Multitenancy - Security Risks and Countermeasures 

      Tan, Qing (2013-03-05)
      Security within the cloud is of paramount importance as the interest and indeed utilization of cloud computing increase. Multitenancy in particular introduces unique security risks to cloud computing as a result of more ...
    • Municipal Government Support of the Social Economy 

      Sharkey, Emma; Kain, Jenny (2009-11-24)
      This presentation to the 2009 symposium of the BC-Alberta Social Economy Research Alliance (BALTA) reports on the results of a BALTA research project (C10) examining the role of municipal governments in supporting the ...
    • Municipal Government Support of the Social Economy Sector 

      Kain, Jenny; Sharkey, Emma; Webb, Robyn (2010-09-20)
      This report is based on research conducted by the BC-Alberta Social Economy Research Alliance (BALTA) in association with the Saskatchewan/Manitoba/Northwestern Ontario node of the Canadian Social Economy Research Partnerships. ...
    • Municipal Government Support of the Social Economy Sector 

      Kain, Jenny; Gismondi, Mike (2010-09-20)
      This plan/proposal describes research being conducted by the BC-Alberta Social Economy Research Alliance (BALTA) in association with the Saskatchewan/Manitoba/Northwestern Ontario node of the Canadian Social Economy Research ...
    • Municipal Involvement In Social Enterprise: The Seattle Experience 

      Pomerantz, Mark (Making Waves, 2001)
      Seattle, Washington sets a standard for investment in entrepreneurial solutions in the non-profit sector. They have dedicated money and staff for non-profit capacity building because they believe there will be a return on ...
    • Museum Zoologicum Bogoriense (MZB) 

      Holmberg, Robert G. (Newsletter of the American Arachnological Society, 1998)
    • Music preferences and civic activism of young people 

      Leung, Ambrose; Kier, Cheryl A. (Journal of Youth Studies, 2008-08-01)
      This study examines the relationship between music preferences and civic activism among 182 participants aged 14-24 years. Our analyses show that participants who regularly listened to certain music genres such as ...
    • Music preferences and young people's attitudes towards spending and saving. 

      Leung, Ambrose; Kier, Cheryl A. (2010-12)
      We aimed to find patterns among young people’s music preferences in relation to their attitudes towards saving or spending money. Previous research found that certain music genres (e.g. rap and dance) are associated with ...
    • Muskwa-Kechika Artist Camp Collection 

      Coffey, Sherry (6th International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences (ICASS VI), 2008-08-23)
      Athabasca University (AU), located in Northern Alberta, Canada, is partnering with Writing on the Ridge (WOTR), an arts organization, to promote wilderness preservation and to raise awareness about one of North America’s ...
    • Mussel Aquaculture Industry Development Experiences In Different Jurisdictions 

      Pinnell, Nadine (2009-02-20)
      This is one of three literature reviews for research project D2 - Leveraging Social Ownership of Proprietary Trademarks related to the Golden Mussel as a Base for Expansion of Social Enterprise in Coastal B.C. Aboriginal ...
    • Must I Transform to Learn? High-stakes Portfolio Assessment at Athabasca University 

      Conrad, Dianne (2010-06-23)
      In this presentation, we will examine the notion of transformation as it is experienced, or thought to be experienced, during the PLAR process. This discussion brings to the fore one of the tensions in PLAR practice that ...
    • Mutual Caring-Resolving Habituation through Awareness: Supporting Meaningful Learning from Projects 

      Jugdev, Kam; Wishart, Paul M. (Project Management Journal, 2014-04)
      This study used Grounded Theory methodology and developed an emergent theory of Mutual Caring. The main concern was Habituation to ineffective lessons learned sharing practices. Habituation is resolved through Mutual Caring, ...
    • My Darling Mother: An Examination of a Mother-Daughter Relationship 

      Cavanaugh, Cathy (2011-03-09)
      Based on research undertaken in 2005, Dr. Cathy Cavanaugh, Assoc. Prof, Women’s Studies, Centre for Work & Community Studies, explores the relationship between Gladys Arnold, the only accredited Canadian Press journalist ...
    • ‘My grandfather is dead’: narratives of culture and curriculum 

      Hartnell-Young, Elizabeth; Vetere, Frank (2007-10-09)
      Curriculum, the term used to denote a course of study, has been understood in recent years as a documented program developed by experts and managed by an education authority. In many cases this has resulted in a focus on ...
    • "My Own Darling Mother": An Examination of a Mother-Daughter Relationship 

      Cavanaugh, Cathy (2010-06-22)
      This paper will examine the relationship between Gladys Arnold and her Mother, Florida Mae Arnold Sutcliffe. It is based on correspondence between Arnold and her mother that spans more than forty years. The paper will ...
    • Mystical experience and global revolution 

      Sosteric, Mike (Athens Journal of Social Sciences, 2018-07)
      An article that examines the revolutionary potential of mystical experience.
    • Mystification et Scadndales littéraires en France et en Europe: de Michel-Ange à Calixthe Beyela 

      Tirven-Gadum, Vina (2010-06-23)
      Le mot mystification apparaît pour la première fois en France 1768 dans un conte de Diderot s’intitulant “Mystification ou Histoire des portraits”. On le trouve dans la locution “tour joué par une société de mystificateurs”. ...

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