Before You Begin: An Online Tutorial for New Distance Learners TeleEducation NB TéléÉducation *What is distance learning all about?* - What is distance learning? <1_1.html> - How does a distance course work? <1_2.html> - What are the benefits of distance education? <1_3.html> - Is one type of distance education more effective than another? <1_4.html> - What kind of learner am I? <1_5.html> - What are the roles and responsibilities of the distance learner? <1_6.html> - What computer equipment and software will I need? <1_7.html> - Where can I find more information on distance education and being a distance learner? <1_8.html> *How do I choose the right course?* - How do I find a distance course? <2_1.html> - What criteria should I use in selecting a course? <2_2.html> - What questions should I ask about a distance course? <2_3.html> - What do I need to know about the institution offering the course? <2_4.html> - Can I get credit for prior learning and experience? <2_5.html> - How do I get started once I've selected a course? <2_6.html> *Am I ready to be a distance learner?* - What skills and knowledge do I need? <3_1.html> - How can I become an effective distance learner? <3_2.cfm> - Am I ready now? <3_3.html> Comments and Questions <4_0.html> *What is distance learning?* Distance education is a way of providing opportunities for learners to pursue further education or training without having to attend classes at a central location or at scheduled times. Using a medium such as a computer, distance learners interact with the course content and communicate with an instructor and other learners who are in different geographical locations. Distance learning refers to those activities which you, the learner, engage in as you participate in distance courses. Distance learning is any type of learning which takes place when the instructor and the learner are separated in place and/or time. Because the learner and instructor are separated, distance learning tends to be much more interactive than classroom learning, which often involves sitting, listening, following instructions, and memorizing. Distance learning requires you to become actively involved and to take responsibility for the success of your learning experience.