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1998 Information technology and telecommunications: A course on the World Wide WebMcGreal, Rory
2000 The TeleEducation NB Programme Development Fund: Using distance education to promote economic developmentMcGreal, Rory
Jan-2007 E-learning in CanadaMcGreal, Rory; Anderson, Terry
Aug-2005 Copyright wars and learning objectsMcGreal, Rory
1994 TeleEducation NB: An open, distributed, bilingual Province-wide distance education networkMcGreal, Rory
2007 E-learning in CanadaMcGreal, Rory; Anderson, Terry
2005 The Athabasca University edusource Project: Building An Accessible Learning Object RepositoryAnderson, Terry; Cleveland-Innes, Martha; McGreal, Rory; Friesen, Norman; Ally, Mohamed; Graham, Rodger; Tin, Tony; Moisey, Susan D.; Petrinjak, Anita; Schafer, Steve
29-Nov-2005 Development principles for online courses: A baker's dozenMcGreal, Rory
2005 Implementing Mobile Environments using Learning Objects: The Athabasca University Digital Reading RoomMcGreal, Rory; Tin, Tony; Cheung, Billy; Schafer, Steve
Dec-2002 Téléapprentissage et mondialisation de l'enseignement [English translation]McGreal, Rory

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